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Offering the finest in medical care, the Internal Medicine and Proctology Center of Fort Lauderdale takes our care a step further by treating each patient as if they we our own. We are here to explain everything in a compassionate and caring manner, while offering the expertise that a Board Certified physician can make.

Primary Care

What is Internal Medicine?

Internal Medicine is the branch of medicine that provides long-term, comprehensive care in the office and the hospital. An Internist manages both common and complex illness of adolescents, adults, female health, and the elderly. Internists are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the heart, blood, kidneys and joints, as well as the digestive, respiratory, and vascular systems.

Is that different from “Family Medicine”?

Yes. While many of the day to day functions of an Internal Medicine physician and a Family Medicine doctor are similar, their training and scope of expertise is very different. A Board Certified Internal Medicine doctor is MUCH more knowledgable and talented in treating both common, and less common problems. Internal Medicine residencies and training are much more intense, and the Board Certification testing is extremely difficult to pass.

What does “Board Certified” mean?

Board Certified are the elite of Internal Medicine physicians. The best of the best. Doctor Barbara Scherer is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, meaning she is among these elite doctors. With such impecable credentials and extensive knowledge, Dr. Scherer is able to effectively diagnose and treat almost any ailment you may have, and follow through with any other specialists you may need.

The Extra Step: Caring

What truly separates Dr. Scherer from other doctors is that she puts patient care above everything else. She truly cares about your health and comfort. While other doctors are simply interested in seeing as many patients as they can, Dr. Scherer takes the time to fully explain your situation and give you the advice you need; now and for your future health.


Make Rectal Pain Go Away

There is no reason to live with the pain associated with hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding, constipation or other similar symptoms. Let the only all woman team in South Florida help remove or reduce these symptoms making your life better.

What is Proctology?

Proctology is the branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the colon, rectum or anus. As a licensed Proctologist, as a well as a professor of Proctology, Dr. Scherer is an expert at removing or reducing the pain from hemorrhoids. Additionally, she is able to diagnose and treat anal rectal lesions, anal rectal cancer, rectal bleeding, constipation and other rectum related issues.

We Can Safely Remove Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are veins in the rectum or around the anus that have become enlarged, swollen or inflamed. Usually, the symptoms are pain or itching around the anal area, or blood on the toilet tissue. Other symptoms are pressure, feeling of incomplete evacuation of the bowel or a tender protrusion from the anus. Like any medical condition, if hemorrhoids go unchecked they can become a cause for serious concern. In office, non-surgical hemorrhoid treatments are available that are relatively painless, about 95% effective, and do so with minimal disruption in your work schedule or lifestyle.

Rectal Bleeding and Constipation

Rectal Bleeding can be a sign of hemorrhoids, irritated colon, anal rectal lesions, anal fissures or fistulas. Bleeding can also be a sign of a more serious medical condition such as colorectal cancer. These conditions are treatable if diagnosed early. You should discuss with Dr. Scherer the evaluation and proper treatment of these issues today.

Women’s Health Care

Routine Women’s Health Care

Dr. Barbara Scherer is trained to provide women of all ages their annual exam, including Paps mears, breast exams, as well as hormone counseling options. She is able to effectively diagnose and treat almost any non-surgical problem you may have. In rare cases, she can refer you to a Gynocologist for any surgical treatment she is unable to perform.

The Comfort of a Female Doctor

Many women are uncomfortable with a male Gynocologist. While they may be capable physicians, most women simply feel more comfortable trusting a woman with their female health issues. As a woman, Dr. Scherer understands what you are going through. She is able to offer the compassion that only a woman is capable of. She will take the time to answer all of your questions, and never make you feel awkward when talking about these sensitive subjects. Additionally, we have a special, private exam room designed specifically for our women’s health patients to help you feel as safe as possible

Minimal Waiting

Many women complain of waiting months for an appointment and hours in the waiting room. As you are likely already aware, here at the Internal Medicine & Proctology Center of Fort Lauderdale we pride ourselves on minimizing wait times for all of our patients so they have the most pleasant experience possible.

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